About us

EI-RR, n.o. provides services of general interest to/about the creation, development, protection, restoration and presentation of the spiritual and cultural values of the European Communities, with a focus on regional development:

  • services to promote regional development and employment,
  • dissemination services, organization of education, seminars, trainings, conferences, courses, meetings and debates,
  • organization of presentations, exhibitions, cultural and social events,
  • tourism services at regional, national and international level,
  • services and counseling to support job placement at regional, national and international level,
  • counseling in the field of education in securing employees in the labor market

and other research, development, scientific and technical services and information services linked to regional development in the European area.

Európsky inštitút - regionálneho rozvoja, n.o.

Ľudovíta Čuláka 1766/5B

949 01 Nitra

Registration number: 512 37 741

VAT number: 2120738785

Director: Ing. Martin Mňahončák, PhD.